The PACES project aims to strengthen civil protection preparedness and cooperation amongst EU Mediterranean countries for direct response and impact reduction of natural disasters such as earthquakes. It goes even further to address improved planning and preparedness of sheltering and caring for homeless people after mass evacuation.

  • Advance cross-border civil protection cooperation (such as understanding, verifying, and improving civil protection procedures) for direct response to natural disasters. These actions will engage Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Italy and Austria. Additionally, expert groups will be involved in the planning and execution of the required activities.
  • Increase the preparedness of the participating states in order to be able to cope with the consequences of large earthquakes including mass evacuation. Actions that will be employed include aligning plans, encouraging participation in training activities and others.
  • Improve preparedness, and enhance awareness of civil protection professionals and volunteers. Some of the actions will include training through e-learning and exercises.
  • Increase the preparedness of the participating states in offering proper accommodation after a disaster, taking also into consideration the needs of vulnerable groups (children, elderly and with disabilities, etc.). Actions will cover the organisation and operation of shelters and the establishment of operational teams with diverse expertise.
  • Develop and use ICT tools to support emergency and temporary accommodation. Different ICT tools embracing innovative technologies will be, developed, tested and used.
  • An assessment and evaluation framework will be developed based on the interventions of the project.