Basic Training

The PACES project, targets training for the key persons involved in emergency services during a disaster, in order to assist homeless persons who have lost their homes and loved ones. Project Partners are several multinational teams from Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Crete, Austria and Malta, and the initial training conference will be held in Malta between Monday 13th and Thursday 16th June 2016.

The Conference will have a vast range of speakers from the local and other European emergency services, vulnerable persons entities and from the Tourism Authority of Malta. Invited are also international experts on humanitarian aid to provide training on international assistance and risk analysis. Part of the training entails a small scale exercise on the field in order the trainees to practice what was covered during their basic training.

The PACES Project is a modular build up project and information gathered from the training will lead to further training, table top exercise and small scale exercises throughout the project.

Basic Training Presentations

  1. PACES Project Overview – P. Liassides (PDF 1.68MB)
  2. Presentation of CP Malta – PP. Coleiro (PDF 2.1MB)
  3. Building affected by Earthquake – G. Attard (PDF 16.7MB)
  4. Fact Sheets – Hands-on, Reports Communication with ERCC – C. King (PDF 15.82MB)
  5. Medical Triage
    1. Malta – V. Raousi (PDF 884KB)
    2. Crete – N. Giannakoudakis (PDF 4.62MB)
  6. Red Cross
    1. Accommodation in Emergency Shelters – R. Brincau (PDF 3.83MB)
    2. Support in Emergency Shelters – G. Tzikas (PDF 2.5MB)
  7. International Assistance – A. Hirschmugl (PDF 8.89MB)
  8. Emergency Shelter Planning and Implementation Camp Management & Safety Logistics needed – S. Ciavela (PDF 3.93MB)
  9. Emergency Shelter Previous Experience – G. Karagiannis (PDF 12.54)
  10. Malta Tourism Authority and Past Experience – R. Zammit (PDF 622KB)
  11. Exercise Briefing – G. Karagiannis (PDF 725KB)