Evaluation Workshop / Refresher Training

The Evaluation and Refresher Workshop which will take place in Austria between Sunday 22nd January and Wednesday 25th January 2017. Each country is allocated to send trainees as indicated in this table:

CountryNumber of Trainees

This Workshop aims to refresh the knowledge gained during the Basic course in Malta as well as to get new information on Camp Management and Camp Coordination provided by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). It is also intended to work in multinational groups (with participants from all the PACES partners’ states). After the workshop, trainees are asked to transfer their acquired knowledge within their organisations in their own countries.

Evaluation Workshop / Refresher Training Presentations

  1. PACES Project Overview – P. Liassides
  2. Seismic Risks and Earthquakes – Input for the small exercise in Crete
    1. C. Gountromichou (PDF 3.85MB)
    2. N. Kyriakides
  3. ICT Tools – V. Kontogiannis
  4. Civil Protection System in Cyprus – K. Hadjigeorgiou
  5. Civil Protection System in Austria and the Regional Government of Styria – H. Kreuzwirth
  6. Organisation and implementation – M. Brincat
  7. Evaluation – M. Gorgoulis
  8. HAITI Earthquake 2010: Medical assistance in camps by Samaritan – J. Riener
  9. HAITI Earthquake 2016: Response by IFRC and Caritas
    1. D. Pamminger (PDF 2.97MB)
    2. G. Ecker (PDF 5.61MB)
  10. Nepal Earthquake – A. Beck (PDF 3.73MB)
  11. Central Italy Earthquake 2016: General data and role of the volunteers – CPD/Italy (PDF 7.37MB)
  12. Mass Evacuation Cycle – M. Beck (PDF 1.72MB)
  13. Camp Management Overview, Sphere Standards/ WASH – A. Beck (PDF 537KB)