Scenario Workshop Presentations

  1. PACES Overview – P. Liassides (PDF 1.5MB)
  2. Risk Assessment of Cyprus – S. Pilidou (PDF 14.8MB)
  3. Seismic Risk Assessment of Heraklion & Relevant Scenarios – C. Gountromichou & D. Kazantzidou (PDF 7.3MB)
  4. Seismic Risk Assessment for the Municipality of Limassol & Relevant Scenarios – N. Kyriakides (PDF 2.8MB)
  5. Seismic Risk Assessment in Italy and Relevant Scenarios – A. Goretti (PDF 2.5MB)
  6. Global Earthquake Model – Working together to assess risk – C. Villacis (PDF 6.8MB)
  7. Seismic planning and response at the regional level (Crete)
    1. M. Gorgoulis (PDF 1.1MB)
    2. G. Stratigis (PDF 619kB)
  8. Cyprus Contigency Plans and Practices – P. Liassides (PDF 6.3MB)
  9. Emergency Shelters – The Italian Civil protection experience – S. Ciavela (PDF 2.6MB)
  10. National Contingency Plans Malta – M. Brincat (PDF 1.6MB)
  11. Evacuation from Theory to Practice – M. Jakopec (PDF 1.5MB)
  12. Earthquake response plans & shelters in Greece (PDF 9MB)
  13. Medical care for victims of mass destruction – N. Giannakoudakis (PDF 1.7MB)
  14. The Union Civil Protection Mechanism – D. Kalyviotis (PDF 373kB)
  15. Management of vulnerable groups in evacuation and temporary camp situations – J. Riener (PDF 5.1MB)
  16. Mass Evacuations in Natural Disasters (MEND Guide) – A. Beck (PDF 1.3MB)
  17. Past experiences from International Missions – A. Hirschmugl (PDF 7MB)